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Paul Gallagher, Dec. 13, 2016©

Life and Death
Hope ….Misery
This is a very subjective
Personal opinion
Tonight I will stick to this side of the curtain

A story to illustrate….

The quarter moon keeps popping in
And out of the smoky black clouds
Shadows on a slow continuous reel
Re-playing at the speed of the wind
Bare branches rattle in the cold.

Not sure how I got here
And I’m here
Perhaps Television Logic
You know….Holes in the story
The stories I tell myself.

Bear with me

I hear a sound that is far away
Large deep and tight drumming rhythm

Boogada boogada boogada,boogada

Very consistent and urgent
NOT comforting.
It’s, whatever it is, approaching.

My imagination is fired up,
With the help of the flirting moon and cold shadows.
The tone, tenure and vibe
Deepen the purple blue black of the night
Mouth breathing
Signals the brain to fight or flight
I decide on hide.

Boogada boogada boogada,boogada

The old road (still haven’t figured out how I got here)
Is missing the original gravel cover
Now hard old dirt.
Where I happen to be standing
Is a dry culvert, couple of pine trees and a few well placed rocks
Conveniently placed for an impromptu hideout.

Bugada Bugada Bugada Bugada Bugada

Getting louder, more clear,  closer.

Duck down in the culvert and cover my mouth to hide my billowing breath.

Bugada Bugada Bugada Bugada Bugada

Close my eyes and stop breathing
If I don’t see ….maybe I won’t be seen.
The sound is almost on top of me.
Rhythm is clear.

Bugada bugada bugada,bugada

Horses hooves in a hurry
I dare to uncover my left eye
A black train of flesh and mane
Stops with snorts and bulging veins.

Flaring nostrils expel vapour clouds
Moonlight outlines the animals’ sweat
Massive muscles on the barn sized beasts
I hug the ground, French Kiss the cold dirt.

Five black capes snap with the night wind
Flashes of moonlight reflect from the satin finish
Pirate flags without the bones
Five Riders reign in

Who are these Five Riders of the Apocalypse?
What do they want?
Where did they come from?
When will they be leaving?
I’m shaking…I’m freezing
Why , oh Why oh Why?

This is a dream
What does it mean
Let me explain

Who… is to blame?
Who…. do you think you are?
Who…. will do this or that?
What … holding me back?
What …do you want….. what do I want?
Where…. am I going?
Where…. were you when I needed you?
Where … the answer?
When….. will I be happy,
When ….will you understand me?
When… can I be certain?
Why me?

I’ve raised out of my hiding place
To face the Dark Ones
I’m surprised to hear another sound
More hoofs
Another stead closing in

The Lighter Horse and Rider
Pull up in front of the darker entourage
How did this apparition appear?
Yes, it is the Sixth Rider ……”How”.

Sllver Rider dismounts and gently touches each Dark Stead

Here is “How”’s Magic
Combine the best of the Double Yous
“How” accepts and respects
“How” is hope
 “How” is a brave direction
Review and another view

Perhaps the mystery can have some charm
Drop the Panic: Lose the Alarm
Drop the W’s and the whine
Let’s give them another name
Let them shine.

Who = “H” and “O” = add a 2 for H2O = water, flow, let it go = wash clean
What = hat = put on the hat ….. of perspective
Where = here……right now.
When = hen = hens eggs = the perfect universal shape =
Solid and yet fragile shell = with warmth and care a new life is born.
Why = hy = look a little higher, look a little farther, look a little longer.

Mystery of life and beyond the Curtain
Still remains
Nothing is certain
Too much information.

I struggle to remind myself

To ask myself “What do I care about right now?”

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