Saturday, December 16, 2017

My Music – It’s a Rap

My Music – It’s a Rap

Paul Gallagher, Sept. 23 2017© 

I’m supposin’ you didn’t hear that...
Caveat....not likely...  I don’t remember either
When I was hangin’ in my very first lair
Felt it...could not hear know why
Boom Boom Boom Boom
Heart beat, mother’s heart beat
Hangin’ ...waitin’ for it... waitin’ for it
In my very first living room.

Even before I grew a bit; even before I knew it,
Music was my noisy friend,
Shake ... quake... vibrate
Music sending a secret signal
To every little molecule
Setting up a ripple ....building a tidal wave
Making my skin warm and tingle
Inviting my brain to bubble and go astral

Hypnotize me
With the steady beat
Floating vocal
Floating solo
Delicious chocolate cake airflow
Baptize me with sonic holy water...
Head.. heart.. and feet...
Revolutionize me
Encourage me
Express what I won’t say
When it’s bittersweet

I’m supposin’ you remember hearing that
We were all being blasted at
Rockin’ anthems... shakin’ rhythms
Crowding around the stage
Different bodies feeling the same
Every body a sizzling fuse
Ready to go boom boom... boom boom
Sharing the love in the room

Oh... yeah....

Sometimes I want to be with my headphones
Walking beats keep my feet neat to the pavement
Other times when I’m alone
Invisible sympathetic strings resonate...
Resonate with how I feel
Her voice in lament ... the accompaniment
Spare, precise and deep
Hard to swallow with those translucent blues

Hypnotize me
With syncopation
You have my attention
No expectation
Delicious peppermint airflow
Surprize me with a turn of phrase
An unexpected rhyme
That plays.....
Infuse me
Don’t confuse me
Metamorphise me
Re-arrange my molecules

Life is music  and music is life
Squeaky grocery cart wheels - slamming door frames
Baby cries, lovers’ laughs and sighs
Footsteps in the empty hospital hall
Sound of meditation breath
Wheeze of panic ....compressed chest
Hurricane winds make you think you’re gonna die

Music can lie and it can be true
If I want to hear another point of view
Stop and wonder and ponder what’s going on
Respect myself and respect you
Otherwise... otherwise... otherwise
Mixing misogyny and harmony, glorifying 2-timing with rhyming
Making distance and separation instead of juxtaposition
Silent shame is an invisible prison

Hypnotize me
With pensive flow
Music breaks the cycle
Of discontent or plateaux
Surprize me with a memory
Or another idea
Awaken my empathy
And courage......
Infuse me
Don’t confuse me
Metamorphise me
Re-arrange my molecules

Hypnotize me
With a different beat
You have my attention
No justification
Surprize taste of freedom
Like toothpaste
Clear and fresh
Start again
Infuse me
Don’t confuse me
Metamorphise me
Re-arrange my molecules

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