Thursday, November 5, 2015

Velvet Blessing

October 5-15

Feeling snug (smug?).
Single seat by the window,
On the streetcar.
I wonder,
How folk,
Who might be larger,
Would feel in this seat?
Head one way and my torso another,
Sun smashes my eyes,
Soft fist with universal power,
Stinging tears.
Hit me by surprise.
Eye lids wet and clamped shut,
“Have this; hope it helps”,
A velvet voice offered a blessing,
Blind hand reaching up, 
Velvet paper tissue.
Glued shut eyes turning up,
“Thank you “,
Welcome cloth, wipes gently,
Soaking up the waters of plenty,
Then a nose blow.
I could see, now.
Looking in the voice’s direction;
Stare for a nano-second;
Standing next to my seat,
Long, straight, dark hair,
Wonderfully high cheeks,
Big friendly mouth,
“Thank you so much, again”
This time I could take in the natural beauty,
And count

My blessings.

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