Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bag and Queue

October 6-15
Reaching all the way to the bottom of the paper bag, all the way down to the unpopped kernels, the top serrated bag edge is snaring and tugging the middle of my arm.
Eyes fixed to the big movie screen while thunderous sound  and furious  advertising images chase each other and compete for our attention.  A hypnotic state. I don’t pay attention consciously. What is my unconscious picking up. Eventually I wake up to wonder restlessly, where is the main feature? Is all this to encourage us to finish the bag of popcorn before the feature and go get another? Fingers jonessing for any morsal of remaining popped corn; just because.
I wake up even more to remember I’m with a beautiful woman who enjoys my company. I find her hand in the half dark. I half turn to her and I see her smile. A warm blanket of cellular pleasure.

October 7-15
The queue in the bank is tight and slow as a snake in January. I can feel the rough wool coat behind me. Well, I think it’s wool, it certainly is tangible. That customer is really in my space.  Don’t dare turn around. Don’t know what I will find. I’m itching inside, as if the wool coat is getting to me. “Come on, turn around to see what’s up” I tell myself, “what’s the worse that could happen?” Turning slowly, like a bolt in a thread, around with an open mind. 

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