Saturday, October 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

October 12-15

Blue; what shade of blue is the sky this morning? “Sky Blue” can man so many things. Deep space blue that penetrates the soul; blue velvet that could be a soft ceiling. Blue and cream; wispy white from the barista in the sky. Overhead was the deep space blue and the horizon was a whipped up concoction.

Short fingers of rock and trees form the palm of the secluded sandy beach. Slow clapping of the water and the sand anticipating the main act that never shows. Perhaps the water does not realize the sky and the distant autumn colours are the only act in town, right now.

Off the main path a single rut emerges saying “follow if you are”. I do. The overhanging bushes make it difficult to see around curves. I go slowly on my bike. I’m not an experienced rider (last time was forty years ago) and want to be cautious.

That’s how I ended here.

A couple of well placed logs to sit and observe the cityscape across the water. A quiet place to meditate and take in nature on the unusually hot October day. Thanksgiving day.

A woman, her two pre-teen daughters and a rambunctious puppy German Sheppard (or an approximation) amble into the scene. They ae loudly playing with the dog.  The woman asks me if I would move my bike (it was resting on the log) so she could sit down, not too close. Her two daughters take to the water. We talk about the water quality, the swimmers on the other side of the island, the unusually warm weather.

No eye contact through dark sunglasses. She gathers her crew and from a distance calls out “Happy Thanksgiving”

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