Sunday, February 20, 2011

Toss and....©

Just a story - nothing more.

Ker-chunk. Two points. Kurchunk: another two points.

Crackling sound of a small fire. Shingle sheets of paper made into dry snowballs. Kerchunk – wall rebound. OOPS- missed that one.

OK. Decision time. Get my sorry stiff butt out off my creaky office chair; or not. Should I economize and wait until I have more on the floor or pick up each miss?

Distinct green apple smell, even stronger with the passing hours. Half eaten, it's turning brown with the wait. Mustard and vinegar from the pickles in my old sandwich are calling me.

I’m supposed to be writing a briefing note on why I disagree with my collegue’s ideas. Well I could just explain in person, but I need to clarify my ideas.

It’s after 7 PM and my office light is a lonely beacon on the floor. I really think better on my feet. Let’s walk around the hall – well at least stroll, carefully, the 10 feet around my desk – pad in hand.

Rip, Crinkle, crinkle. Kerrrr chunk – Two points…. ©

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