Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sometimes it’s just not there©

March 28, attempted to write something quick. I picked the object “porridge”.

The past weekend, I had the good fortune to participate in a dinner party where the hostess tosses different people together to see what happens. She is a fabulous cook so the food is always a good staring point. 

One of the guests was a very well published traveling food writer. She brought up the topic of how the food of our childhood influences us. So I rhetorically asked how I wonder porridge had affected me. Still not sure but that’s probably why I chose the topic.

Back to the attempt - The only words that appeared on the page were “full stomach”:  Nothing more for many minutes. My head was groggy and my eyes would not focus – just a lousy “not on the planet” feeling – the flu probably…. Closed the book, rested my head on the streetcar window and let the vibrations lull me to nap between stop announcements.

Next day… I thought to myself … Hey! If I claim to be a writer I can’t just give in like that… opened the book and shoved the words between the lines…..

Warm. Gooey. Cinnamon. Toast. Foggy thoughts looking for headlights. Sleepy limbs in slo mo. Slipper feet padding. Low grunts of half hearted good morning greetings. Slurp of coffee. No sugar but some goat milk. I don’t remember making this…Spoon clanking on the ceramic cereal bowl. Or would that be surreal bowl, in my state… Creak of the timber mast in the wind – that’s a morning yawn if ever there was one. Thick house coat pulled tighter – not for the cold - just to hold the body in place – so it doesn’t ooze over the side of the chair. Secret leg stretch under the table. Waiting for the caffeine to do its duty. Pump the blood a little faster. “Shiver me timbers” yawn helps move oxygen to the brain.

Beep beep – microwave signals something is ready. Door opens with a cloud of steam and now it is known. Earthy, warm, gooey, cinnamon. Bling Bling – toaster oven announces….

She – who made the coffee, the porridge, the toast; brings the tray to the table. Sits down beside and wraps a wonderful arm around…a precursor to the warm wrap around inside with each spoonful and bite and sip…. ©

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