Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ice Cream Cone

Heavy set summer evening lifting the three-day old t-shirt off its sweaty belly to get some fresh air.

Grey hair, red hair, purple hair, shoe-less kids, strollers, dog sniffing and wagging, all mill about the low rough wood window seat outside the Buff; DVDs and ice cream.

Down 4 steps into the low ceiling, shadow lighting, elbow conking, "excuse me" isles of display cases. Beaucoup bouquet of summer skin. Familiar tunes hang above my head. Want to hum along. Dodge and glide through the loose collection of rickety tables and chairs in front of the ice cream case. Low reverent voices of "Vanilla is fabulous. Atomic Chocolate outrageous".

Plop... Whaaaaa...Lime green melting frog makes a quantum leap to the floor. Knee high kid frozen in place, eyes glued to the oozing green spot. One hand still trying to fight gravity pulling on the empty waffle cone. Mom and Dad closing in to comfort.

I'm sure all the kid hears is the distorted super slow motion sound..."iiiiit's ooooookaaaaay, hoooooneeeey. Youuuuu caaan geeeeet anoooother oooooone".

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fun Making a Metaphor

A great exercise is to make a list of interesting nouns and adjectives and try to match them up in metaphor. Use "x" is "y", "x" of "y" and "x"'s y".

The spoon is a perky catapult as it launches a piece of cheese cake towards the rosy laughing cheek on the other side of the table.

The spoon of perky jelly is carefully floating towards the joyful meeting of peanut butter and brown bread.

The spoon's perky shine screams into tarnish from the torture of melting powder over the open flame.

The economy is now a thin shoe. We all feel the sidewalk ever closer.

The beer bottle was elastic as it kept bouncing back from the table to his mouth.

The cheap straw hat's a "Wet Paint" sign. It made him stop in his tracks. She looked that good.

The straw hat of wet ideas collapsed on to his face and shoulders. His colleagues chuckled. He wasn't embarrassed. Better a bunch of crazy ideas than no ideas.